Goal 1: Well-being Strategic Plan

Integrate and align well-being programs and services to better pool our resources, share our expertise, utilize best practices and provide improved and coordinated care.

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  • 1.1 Health and Well-being Unit

    Health and Well-being Unit - Create a new Health and Well-being unit, which will bring together Recreation and Wellness, Student Health and CAPS. Integrating our expertise and aligning our resources creates opportunities to reach a broader audience and magnify our impact.

    Complete – The Health and Well-being unit has been officially created and as of October 1st, 2017 Tom Roberts is now the Associate Vice President of Health and Well-being and leader of this unit. The Health and Well-being unit brings together University Recreation, Health Promotion, Student Health, and CAPS all under one administration and soon to be under one roof in the new Well-being Center.

  • 1.2 Integrated Wellness Facility

    Design a comprehensive and integrated wellness facility that will include all campus health care in one location, providing easy access for students and designed to be a collaborative high-impact environment to support student learning, student well-being, and student success. Programs to consider in a comprehensive facility with all campus health care providers include Student Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, Health Promotions, Wellness, Dietician, Disabilities Services, and the new Center for Sexual Assault Prevention.

    Progress – The Well-Being Center officially opened in January 2021.  Due to COVID many of the spaces have not been fully operational.  The building will be fully open and operational fall 2021 and a Well-Being Center celebration is scheduled in October 2021. 

  • 1.3 Well-Being Committee

    Well-Being Committee – Create a formal well-being committee structure. The collaborative care model has been adopted and embraced by Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health Center, and Recreation and Wellness. Create a committee to provide a structured format for the leaders of these departments to meet on a regular basis to discuss health and wellness topics and develop strategies to better collaborate and enhance on-campus health care services.

    Complete - Associate VP Health and Well-being and all Health and Well-being Unit Directors meet on a monthly basis as the Health and Well-being Leadership Team (HWBLT).  Director of Health Promotion has established the employee focused Wellness Champions and meeting on a regular basis.    A Health and Well-being Student Advisory Council with student representatives from each Health and Well-being Unit department established fall 2019.