First Floor: Health Promotion

The first level is a upstream approach with a focus on education and prevention and the holistic engagement of the entire campus community. This provides a centralized location for outreach efforts and collaboration with campus and community partners to create a network of care and to leverage resources. Campus partners may include, but are not limited to the Chaplains Office, Sustainability, Dining Services, Disabilities, Academic Skills Center, and Athletics.

There is a strong focus on content and amenities that encourage students to visit the facility not only when they are not well, but also when they want to be proactive and be well. The desire to create a variety of spaces that foster social interaction and encourage exploration of the many amenities in an environment that is welcoming and tranquillizing due to an abundance of natural light and plants that give a sense of connection with the outdoors.

Some of those programs and amenities located on the first floor include:

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  • Health Promotion

    Recent re-organization within Recreation and Wellness to create a stand-alone Health Promotion Department that includes wellness programs and services, wellness graduation requirement, employee wellness, and Center for Awareness, Response, & Education (CARE). The department will streamline campaigns, provide educational services, develop curriculum, and support health and well-being initiatives across campus. The existence of Health Promotion is vital to a comprehensive college health program and must be prioritized equally with clinical and operational areas.

  • Lobby

    This area has been designed as a large prominent that attract users as a flexible multifunctional space for seating and socializing, cultural and special events, and large lectures and gatherings. When not scheduled for special events, we anticipate this to be a popular location for students to unplug and lounge on the comfortable and easy to re-arrange furniture. The view will be spectacular visually integrating the Weinstein Center for Recreation jogging track and gymnasium courts that are put on display behind a wall of glass.

  • Cafe

    In an effort to accommodate the ever increasing demand for students seeking healthy food options we have plans for a café that focuses on food that is healthy, organic, local, fresh, and affordable. Nearly 53% of Americans ages 18 to 29 seek out organic foods, according to a 2014 Gallup Poll.

  • Demonstration Kitchen

    Our increased efforts to promote healthy eating and good nutrition include having a demonstration kitchen in the proposed well-being facility, more nutrition outreach programs, and more student engagement with a Dietician or Nutritionist. The demonstration kitchen offers a unique opportunity for our students, faculty, staff, and community members to learn about healthy and affordable cooking options they can make in their dorm, apartment, or off-campus residence. We will offer instructional programs teaching students how to cook healthy meals on a college budget; offering fresh, organic foods and potentially forming lifelong healthy eating habits; and providing transferrable cooking skills and nutrition education.

  • Patio

    Located near the entrance and in close proximity to the café will be an outside patio for dining and socializing. We envision this area to be furnished with outdoor patio furniture and perhaps built in seating. We anticipate this to be a popular location during fair weather months.

  • Meditation Garden

    Colleges across the country are creating meditation gardens to provide students with opportunities for their minds to expand and souls to grow. Recommend including a small decorative meditation garden with a display to show locations of campus meditation gardens and provide educational information regarding the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

  • Welcome Desk

    Primary function is a welcome desk for the Well-Being Center; secondary function is the control center to access activity areas and the Weinstein Center for Recreation. Desk provides technology for entrance and exit turnstiles/gates with biometric hand readers, as well as basic computer functions and an enrollment station for hand scans. Desk is staffed all hours the Well-Being Center is open. Consider this to be the connector and circulation zone for pedestrian traffic between the two buildings.

  • Massage/Meditation/Lactation Room

    This space will be reserved at times for massage therapy. When not reserved for massage therapy this space can be reserved for lactation and also available for drop in meditation.

  • Relaxation Lounge

    Tucked away in a discreet location close to the massage and meditation rooms is an area to promote and encourage rest and relaxation with massage chairs, sleep pods, and large bean bag chairs. Also included will be education information regarding the importance of sleep and its many health benefits.

  • Salt Therapy Room

    This inventive and versatile space is temperature controlled to accommodate Himalayan salt therapy or hot yoga. This room can be reserved at times for individual or group massage and Himalayan salt therapy. When not reserved for these purposes, this space can be reserved for meetings and will also be available for drop in salt therapy or individual and group meditation. For more information, please visit our Health Promotion website.