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We encourage all university students to utilize our services.  High-quality, accessible medical care is provided by our dedicated team in a confidential and sensitive manner.

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Immunizations and Therapeutic Injections

Flu Vaccine
Flu vaccine is available at the Student Health Center for all UR students. Flu vaccination is recommended for everyone. If you have a chronic illness, vaccination is especially important to avoid complications from the flu.

Call the Student Health Center at (804) 289-8700 to schedule a brief appointment for your flu shot.

The SHC offers a flu shot clinic in October and parents and students will be made aware of dates, times and locations.

Allergy Shots

The Student Health Center (SHC) will administer allergy injections during the regular academic year with written orders and the appropriate serum from your allergist.

If you want the SHC to administer your allergy injections please drop off your serum and instructions at the front desk when you arrive on campus. Be sure to pick up a copy of the Allergy Injection Policy to read and sign.

To schedule an allergy injection appointment, call (804) 289-8700. Your initial allergy shot/shots must be administered by your allergist's office.

Other Immunizations and Therapeutic Injections

The following immunizations can be given at the SHC:

  • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
  • tetanus
  • influenza
  • PPD (tuberculosis) skin tests

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides downloadable Vaccine Information Statements for specific vaccines.

We may administer other injectible medications with a written order or instructions from a physician. Call 804-289-8700 to schedule an appointment.

Lab Tests

Lab Testing 

  • Lab testing requires an appointment; call: 804-289-8700
  • Labs performed at the Student Health Center are sent to LabCorp.
  • Please contact your individual insurance company to determine your policy coverage.
  • The Student Health Center does not bill insurance.
  • All charges are billed to the student’s Student Account. A statement of charges is populated to the student’s Student Health Center Portal for insurance reimbursement purposes.
Medical Equipment

The Student Health Center loans the following equipment for a fee:

  • crutches
  • heating pads
  • jet nebulizers
  • sharps containers (for diabetics, etc.)-no charge
Pharmacy and Prescriptions

Filling Prescriptions

To transfer a prescription to another pharmacy:
Call the local pharmacy of your choice. Provide your name, medication name, and/or prescription number and the phone number for the dispensing pharmacy. The local pharmacy will contact the dispensing pharmacy and arrange to have the prescription transferred. 

To refill a current prescription:
Call the dispensing pharmacy. Provide your name, medication name, and/or prescription number. If there are no refills left on the original prescription, the local pharmacy will contact the prescribing physician.

For renewal of an expired prescription:
Call the dispensing pharmacy. Provide your name, medication name, and/or prescription number. The dispensing pharmacy will contact the prescribing physician.

ADHD Services and Policies

The physicians at the Student Health Center are able to write prescriptions for ADHD medications. However, the physicians at the SHC do not diagnose ADHD.

Students being treated at the SHC are required to be seen by one of our physicians a minimum of once a semester. Additionally, students must visit both the Academic Skills Center and Counseling and Psychological Services at least once to remain eligible to receive prescriptions for their ADHD. This allows students the opportunity to learn the necessary study skills for collegiate academic success and helpful organizational tips. atreat the medical symptoms of ADHD. However, the physicians at the SHC do not diagnose ADHD. If you are currently being treated with a prescription medication for your ADHD, you may elect to continue treatment with your home physician to obtain your refills.

Stimulant Medication Policies and Procedures

The SHC has a strict policy regulating the procedure for obtaining stimulant medication prescriptions written by university physicians.

For more information, read the full explanation of services and policies.

Wound Care

The SHC may provide wound care for a fee for an individual student for a maximum of two (2) weeks. This allows the student adequate time to make other arrangements for continuing care, such as through a home health or visiting nurse agency.  The student must provide specific written instructions from the treating physician. The student may be required to provide their own supplies if specialized products not ordinarily stocked in the health center are ordered by the treating physician. If a student misses three (3) scheduled appointments during the two week period, this service will be immediately terminated and the student must seek their wound care elsewhere. For information on local woundcare options please refer to off campus providers  for a detailed list.