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What are the Health Record requirements?

All full-time incoming students must submit the Health History Record form. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

The form must be mailed to the Student Health Center:
Student Health Center
Special Programs Building
490 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173

What if I am unable to obtain/locate my vaccination records?

If you are unable to obtain or locate your vaccination records, you may either be re-immunized or prove immunity by having your physician draw blood titers.  The only exceptions are for Hepatitis B vaccinations, meningococcal meningitis, and polio vaccination.  These vaccines may be waived by signing the waiver statements on the Health History Record.  Please note, the Student Health Center strongly encourages receiving these vaccinations as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

My TB Risk Assessment indicates I need further testing. What test do I need?

 The Student Health Center requires an IGRA-type TB blood test for students whose TB Risk Assessment indicates need for further testing.

An IGRA (Interferon Gamma Release Assay) TB test is a blood test that checks for TB infection.  It is a sensitive and specific test for TB and the results are not affected by the BCG vaccine for tuberculosis.  This reduces the number of false positive and false negative tests.  There are two  IGRA TB tests available:  T-Spot TB test and the Quantiferon Gold test.  The SHC uses the T- Spot TB test for students whose TB Risk Assessment indicates need for further testing.  An IGRA test may also be obtained through an outpatient or hospital labs with a doctor’s order.

How do I fill a prescription?

To transfer a prescription to another pharmacy:

Call the local pharmacy of your choice. Provide your name, medication name, and/or prescription number and the phone number for the dispensing pharmacy. The local pharmacy will contact the dispensing pharmacy and arrange to have the prescription transferred.  

To refill a current prescription:
Call the dispensing pharmacy. Provide your name, medication name, and/or prescription number. If there are no refills left on the original prescription, the local pharmacy will contact the prescribing physician.

For renewal of an expired prescription:
Call the dispensing pharmacy. Provide your name, medication name, and/or prescription number. The dispensing pharmacy will contact the prescribing physician.

What if I have a chronic illness?

If you require specialized treatment for medical or mental health care needs, please provide a medical summary from your physician with your diagnosis and treatment plan. If needed, the SHC may assist you in arranging specialty care while in Richmond.


How do I apply for disability accommodation services, if needed?

New students apply for disability accommodation(s) after admission to the University. Soon after the acceptance notification, you will receive a mailing from the Vice President for Student Development, which includes the “Application for Disability Accommodation” form. This application must be returned with appropriate documentation by June 15 in order for the student to be effectively accommodated for the following Fall term. Receipt of the completed application form (along with supporting materials) by the Office of the Vice President for Student Development will serve to initiate the procedure for accommodation.

Can I receive my allergy injections at the SHC?

The Student Health Center (SHC) will administer allergy injections during the regular academic year with written orders and the appropriate serum from your allergist. If you want the SHC to administer your allergy injections drop off your serum and instructions at the front desk when you arrive on campus. Alternatively, your allergist may want to mail your serum and  instructions directly to the SHC. To schedule an allergy injection appointment, call our main number 804-289-8700. Your initial allergy shot/shots must be administered by your allergist's office and cannot be administered by SHC.

How about Health Insurance?

The University of Richmond does not require domestic students to purchase health insurance; however, the Student Health Center recommends students be covered by some type of health insurance. The Student Health Center does recommend that you bring your insurance card to campus with you in the event of an emergency or if you need to see an off campus provider. If you do not have medical insurance, information can be found here.

What if I need to contact someone at the Student Health Center?

During the school year you can make an appointment by calling 804-289-8700. 

The Student Health Center is closed to clinical care during Spring, Summer and Winter breaks.  Please refer to our after hours care information when the SHC is closed.

During the Summer administrative personnel are in the office during the week and can be reached by calling 804-289-8064. Please leave a message and your call will be returned.

For business-related inquiries and information

Phone: (804) 289-8064

Fax: (804) 287-6466