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Alcohol Education

The University of Richmond requires all full-time, degree seeking students to complete a comprehensive alcohol education and prevention program during their first semester on campus. Successful completion of the requirement is mandatory for graduation from the University.

In order to successfully complete the WELL 085 graduation requirement, students need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Complete Part 1 & Part 2 of Alcohol Edu & Haven.

Alcohol Edu is an online alcohol education and prevention program that provides students with a customized alcohol education program tailored to each student's specific drinking patterns.

Haven addresses the critical issues of sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence and stalking. Built in collaboration with leading researchers and practitioners, Haven is an interactive course designed to engage and empower students to create safe and healthy campus environments. 

Students will be able to access the courses in mid-July. Students will be emailed login information to their UR e-mail address once the course becomes available. Students that fail to complete Part 1 by the deadline will have a registration hold placed on their account. Students will receive an email 30-45 days after completing Part 1 of the courses to login and complete Part 2. Part 2 must be completed by the end of October.

Step 2: Register and successfully complete a section of WELL 085 Alcohol Education and Prevention Workshop (WELL 085). 

Class sections can be found on BannerWeb. Students must have successfully completed Alcohol Edu prior to attending the Alcohol Education and Prevention Workshop.

Students must complete both Alcohol Edu, Haven and the WELL 085 Alcohol Education and Prevention Workshop in order to successfully fulfill the WELL 085 graduation requirement. Students that complete only the online portion will not receive credit for the requirement.

Students that fail to complete the WELL 085 wellness graduation requirement in their first semester on campus will have a registration hold placed on their account. This hold will prevent students from registering for courses or making changes to their class schedule.

If you have any questions on the wellness graduation requirement, please contact Sarah Sheppard, Health Educator or at (804) 289-8581.