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Psychiatric Services

CAPS has a limited number of weekly hours of psychiatric coverage. The consulting psychiatrists are indepedent contractors (not UR employees) hired by CAPS on a part-time, fee-for-service basis. There is NO CHARGE to students to meet with the on-campus consulting psychiatrists at CAPS.

The initial appointment with a consulting psychiatrist can only be made by a CAPS professional, after meeting with a student one or more times (i.e., to gather relevant background information, make a preliminary assessment, and determine if a referral to a consulting psychiatrist is appropriate).

Only students who are in on-going psychotherapy with a CAPS professional are eligible to meet with the consulting psychiatrist. Students who are only interested in taking medication, but not participating in psychotherapy, will be assisted in finding an appropriate provider off-campus (at the student's expense).

Since the number of available psychiatric hours are quite limited, students who already have a satisfactory relationship with a prescribing professional off-campus (or back home), and are experiencing no problems with their medication, are encouraged to continue working with that professional.

It is very important that students make every effort to attend each scheduled psychiatry appointment.  Students who miss two psychiatry appointments without notifying CAPS at least 24 hours in advance may no longer be eligible to use this on-campus psychiatry service.  In that case, students will be provided psychiatric referrals off-campus, at the student's expense.