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Groups and Workshops

CAPS offers periodic groups and workshops on emotional, mental, and psychological health topics.

The following groups are available for students who may be interested:

Recovery Group

Each semester, many UR students face the challenge of coping with college life while recovering from substance abuse. Whenever there is sufficient student interest, a recovery group may be offered at CAPS. If you are interested attending such a group, please complete and submit the interest form as soon as possible. A CAPS staff member will email additional information to you.

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Drop-In Survivors Support Group

In this group, survivors will have the opportunity to connect with other survivors and know they are not alone, to enhance self-awareness, and learn a variety of coping skills that could promote healing.

For: UR and VCU Survivors of sexual and relationship violence
When/Where: Starting Sept. 14, a 10 week women's group will be held on Wednesdays from 12–1 in the WC Deanery living room at UR. A mixed-gender group will also be offered by Safe Harbor on Wednesdays from 3:15–4:15 at The Well on VCU's campus (transportation provided if requested). Survivors of all gender identities and/or expressions are welcomed.

For more information please email Dr. Day or Katie Copty. More information to follow on UR Well and VCU Well websites.

Mindful Mondays

This purpose of this group is to introduce and reinforce various forms of meditation practice. Meditation has been found to lower stress, enhance a sense of work/life balance, and improve focus. This group does not require prior experience with meditation or mindfulness. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome. This group is held every Monday from 12–1 pm in the inter-religious prayer room at the Wilton Center.

Questions? Contact Mac or Kristen Day.