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Appointment FAQ

What do I do if I am sick, injured, or have medical questions or concerns?

Students are encouraged to call and speak directly to a registered nurse about their symptoms through our Dial-A-Nurse system at 804-289-8700 (or 8700 if on a campus phone), Monday–Friday until 4:30 p.m. After evaluating the history and symptoms, the nurse will advise the most appropriate action.

When is the Student Health Center open?

Monday–Wednesday and Friday: 8:30 a.m.–noon and 1–4:30 p.m. Thursday: 8:30–11:30 a.m. and 1:30–4:30 p.m.

Do I need an appointment or can I just walk in?

Always call the Dial-A-Nurse (804-289-8700) if you are ill, injured, or think you need an appointment.

What if I think I have a medical emergency or need assistance after SHC hours?

See the  after-hours care and off-campus providers pages of the website.

Where is the SHC located?

On the first floor of the Special Programs Building (#31), next to the police station.

If I have a general question about services or medical records at the SHC, what number do I call?

Call the front desk at (804) 289-8064.

Who is eligible to use the SHC?

All full-time University of Richmond students are eligible for services at the SHC.

Is there a place to park at the SHC?

Yes. There are three student designated parking spaces and three “Health Center Visitor” parking spaces in front of the Special Programs Building.

Will there be any charges when I visit the SHC?

Only if you receive vaccinations, allergy shots, require laboratory testing, or a few other services. Our staff will advise you of these charges in advance of providing such services. Charges may be assigned to your student account, SpiderCard, or paid by check at time of service. You will be given a copy of the encounter form—which has the information needed to file for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Does the SHC file with my insurance company when I have charges?

No. The SHC does not submit insurance claims. You will pay at time of service and file for reimbursement with your insurance plan. Health insurance companies may require prior authorization before any medical care is provided. Please review your health insurance plan to determine what restrictions may apply. It is the responsibility of the patient to inform the health care providers at the SHC of any insurance requirements before services are rendered.

What if I don't have health insurance and need coverage while at UR?

See information about obtaining health insurance.

Does the SHC have an on-campus pharmacy?

No. See more details about obtaining prescriptions while at UR on the pharmacy page.

Are excuse notes provided by the SHC for missed classes or missed assignments?

The SHC does not provide written notes for students who miss class or work because of illness or injury. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with faculty and employers regarding class or work absences.

Why do I have a "hold" on my registration?

If you have a hold on your registration from the SHC, it is probably due to an incomplete Health History Record. When all completed documentation has been received in our office, the hold will be removed. If you have questions, call our front desk at 804-289-8064.

What if I need a medical specialist while in Richmond?

Please see the off-campus providers page for recommendations of off-campus services. All expenses and charges for medical care received outside the SHC are the student's responsibility. It is your responsibility to be familiar with your medical insurance coverage and to present your insurance card when requesting services.

How do I get off campus for medical care?

See the transportation page for details.

How do I apply for a medical withdrawal from UR?

Students withdrawing from UR must first notify their respective coordinate college dean. Read more about the medical withdrawal process.

I've graduated and need copies of my immunizations for grad school. How can I obtain them?
You may request records by downloading the medical release and faxing or mailing it to the SHC.